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  1. Late Medieval Theologian
  2. Studies on the Life and Influence of John Wycliffe (11 vols.)
  3. From Harassment to Heresy
  4. John Wyclif biography - Christian Biography Resources

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Late Medieval Theologian

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Studies on the Life and Influence of John Wycliffe (11 vols.)

Search within Article contents Background and early academic career Advancement and disappointments Royal service and political involvements Papal censure The Westminster scandal and the peasants' revolt Condemnation in Oxford Last years The spread of Wyclif's ideas The transmission of Wyclif's writings Early writings on logic and theology Dominion and law Occasional writings and late compositions English texts: the Bible Authorities and influences Philosophical writings Wyclif's position on universals The implications of realism The foundations of authority The centrality of scripture Eucharistic ideas Posthumous influence and reputation Wyclif in recent times Sources External resources.

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Harvard University, Houghton Library. English Historical Review. Bodleian Library, Oxford.

John Wycliffe: Church History in Three Minutes

Oxford Medieval Texts. Aston, ed.

Evans Why were these important Medieval people famous and what did they accomplish? Short Biography about the life of John Wycliffe The following biography, short history and interesting facts provide helpful information for history courses and history coursework about the life and history of John Wycliffe a famous Medieval character of historical importance who lived during the Middle Ages:.

John Wycliffe, or Wyclif was master of an Oxford college and a popular preacher.

From Harassment to Heresy

John Wycliffe appealed from the authority of the Church to the authority of the Bible. With the assistance of two friends John Wycliffe produced the first English translation of the Bible. Manuscript copies of the work had a large circulation, until the government suppressed it. Wycliffe was not molested in life, but the Council of Constance denounced his teaching and ordered that his bones should be dug up, burned, and cast into a stream. John Wycliffe and the Lollards The Lollards.

John Wyclif biography - Christian Biography Resources

John Wycliffe had organized bands of "poor priests" to spread the simple truths of the Bible through all England called the Lollard preachers. They went out, staff in hand and clad in long, russet gowns, and preached to the common people in the English language, wherever an audience could be found. The Lollards, as Wycliffe's followers were known, not only attacked many beliefs and practices of the Church, but also demanded social reforms. For instance, they declared that all wars were sinful and were but plundering and murdering the poor to win glory for kings.

The Lollards had to endure much persecution for heresy.