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The projection was installed in the courtyard on a surface partly covered by decorative tiles. Some of them had disintegrated while others had been removed, revealing different layers of textures on the wall. Their bodies turned into a source of light, shadow, sound and movement, motivating them to experiment with the atmosphere of the magical building.

Light is an incredible medium to allow the public's interaction with the artworks and the transmission of poetic and introspective paradigms. To give another example, the installation by the Tunisian artists Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri, explored the depths of our memory. The artists divided the place in a criss-cross pattern of blue lights, leaving dark empty spaces between them, with spectators invited to look at the installation through a tiny peephole.

The combined graphic and physical experience allowed them to convey the idea of a deteriorating memory, which loses its mass over time, retaining only a few of its original elements. The Interference Light Art Project was presented as the edition 00 of a festival which intends to develop over the next few years, thanks to the incredible network of professionals and enthusiastic amateurs created in the course of this first event. The location and contour of the next edition are yet to be defined. One thing is sure: the Interference Festival is shining a new light on contemporary art in Tunisia.

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Geboren in Paris. Website: intunis. Repeat the words until you know all the vocabulary: In all of the tests, you have to type in the right words so often that you will be able to do the correct translation instantly. Simple words stop appearing in the daily program after 2 or 3 repetitions. More difficult words may be repeated 5 or 6 times. Especially difficult words, which you often don't know, are asked even more often. Most importantly we don't want you to have forgotten these words by the very next day! Seven words at a time: After learning seven new words, the software will show you a table with a summary.

Chauffeur - Translation from German into English | PONS

Learning seven words at a time is especially effective. Now you can repeat these words again at a glance. Points, learning time and number of repetitions: You can already see how long you spend with one lesson unit. By the way, you won't be able to cheat: The program will actually only show the amount of time you worked. If you would like to take, say a one hour break, the clock stops ticking until you're ready to work again. Every word allows you to see how often you have already repeated it today. Words that you knew immediately will no longer appear in tests for this day.

Word that you are still having trouble with will continue to appear again and again. For every word you know, you get points. In this way, you can compare a day's learning with each other.

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You also see, for example, at which time of the day you learn vocabulary the quickest. A break after every 30 minutes: Studies have shown that after a half an hour of learning concentration decreases rapidly. For this reason, your language course will remind you every 30 minutes that you should take a break.

Stand up, go for a walk, drink a glass of water. Afterwards, reinvigorated, you are ready for the next half an hour! You can, of course, ignore the reminder and immediately continue learning. A wide variety of pictures: If you know a word, you will see a new photo as a reward.

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We have also thought of something for you even if you answer incorrectly When you see that the course is fun and rewarding, you will be motivated to see it through to the end! Motivating tips throughout: At regular intervals, you will get tips from our experts on how you can learn even more effectively. Let us surprise you! We have developed a next generation super-learning meditation music. You will hear relaxing music.

Within a very short time, you will be completely calm, your breathing will become slower and deeper and you can concentrate completely on your learning.

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Integrated into the music is the so-called "Binaural Beats", this technology will help you remember the words permanently. We recommend you practice with headphones, this way you get the full effect. You can also use the Super-learning music in any situation where you need your full attention, e. Advantages of superlearning music: Be relaxed: Only those who are relaxed can record new things quickly and permanently.

Stress blocks your learning. Through this music, you will be deeply relaxed - the ideal environment to record new information. Become more relaxed and relieve stress. Even after learning, you will experience the benefits and be able to concentrate better. The meditation music is quieter than the vocabulary you hear -8db. Learning remains the focus. Music that you can listen to with pleasure for a long time. The more you use the Super-learning music, the faster you relax.

No previous knowledge required : When you turn on the Super-learning music, you can immediately relax. Tens of thousands of learners use super-learning music every day. In a test with learners and over , learned vocabulary, we measured the following: If you listen to the Super-learning music while you are learning with a headphone, you can learn the words on average We also found our users can learn The Super-learning music can be switched on and off , if you prefer to learn without music.

Vocabulary: Obtain a useful and comprehensive basic vocabulary. The most important thing in learning a new language is the vocabulary.


In this course, you will obtain a useful and comprehensive basic vocabulary. Building from this, you will quickly be able to form and understand simple sentences. With this course, you will learn over 1, German words. All vocabulary and dialogues have been recorded by a German native speaker. From the very beginning, you will learn clear, accent free pronunciation and correct emphasis.

The texts and phrases were developed through the cooperation of a linguist and a German native speaker. In this course, you will learn how German is really spoken in Germany. Content of texts and dialogues:. Guten Tag. German native speakers read all texts and vocabulary aloud:. All vocabulary and texts are spoken by a German native speaker. You can listen to and repeat each of the words as well as the 42 dialogue texts as often as you'd like. In a all the learning methods and tests, the vocabulary and lines of text are played for you.

ISBN 13: 9783990388426

You constantly repeat the correct pronunciation. You learn clear and accent free pronunciation with the correct emphasis! System Requirements:. This is an online course. Order the German language course easily with this online form! Questions about ordering the German language course:.