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  1. The Essential Guide to Filters for Digital Cameras
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  3. The Essential Guide to a Career in Photography
  4. The Essential Guide to Photography Slang

In some portraits it is the expression on the face of your subject that makes the image. Get your subject to experiment with different moods and emotions in your image. Play with extreme emotions but also try more sombre or serious type shots.

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People could take a real lesson from this guy. This eBook was laid out well and looked beautiful…BUT lacked any real content and detailed info. On a scale of , I would give it an overall 3. Just an honest opinion….

The Essential Guide to Filters for Digital Cameras

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The book features an array of breeds, ranging from small dogs such as dachshunds to Labrador retrievers. Each photograph makes ample use of lighting and framing to create tantalizing pictures that are some of the best in the genre.

The book features over photos taken at different points during the day, such as sunrise at the top of a mountain or midday in a field of flowers. Author Bryan Peterson discusses not only lighting but also important aspects such as shutter speed and aperture. Author Robin Owen shows you both lighting and posing techniques so that you can create high-quality boudoir pictures. One of the hardest challenges any photographer can undertake is perfectly capturing the human body.

Author John Denton provides diagrams, photos and illustrated guides to demonstrate how one flash is all you need.

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  7. In this book, author Harold Davis helps you create a unique lighting style of your own which will transform your pictures into works of art. This book will have you looking at lights in a whole new way.

    The Essential Guide to a Career in Photography

    When selling your handmade creations, marketing them to a potential audience is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. Taking a black and white photograph requires a different set of skills than taking a regular picture. Taking a world-class photograph requires daily practice. This book will teach you both beginner and advanced tips that will have you taking professional shots in no time at all.

    Do check out my best photography gift guide as well. You have compiled a really amazing list Jamie. These are some really amazing books. I have read some of them. If I have to choose one from the list that I would love to read next, it would be — A Shot in the Dark. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Digital Photography Books 1. Even the most expensive camera is worthless inside a completely dark room. We've come a long way from the first room-sized cameras, the essence of photography has remained the same: light.

    The Essential Guide to Photography Slang

    Whether you are shooting film or digital, you cannot shoot anything without light. Opening Photoshop for the first time is like cracking open a fantasy novel that opens up an entirely new world of strange creatures, opposite natural laws and a completely new language. That new fantasy world is bursting with exciting possibilities, yet bogged down by so many unknowns.

    Beginner photographers are often intimidated by the term exposure triangle, and think that they missed a lesson in geometry class. But the 3 components of this triangle - aperture, ISO and shutter speed - are key when learning about the technique and composition of an image.

    One of the hardest things to perfect in a photo is the exposure, as there are many pieces to bring together for the perfect image. Exposure bracketing allows you to take 3 images at 3 different exposures which gives you the security of knowing that one of them will have captured the light in the best possible way. Sure, a good photograph is all about the subject — but what about the background? Every new photographer feels the same confusion when hearing about the differences between shooting images in RAW vs.

    In the past, most photographers used JPEG because you could get more images on your memory cards and the photos looked good.